Automotive and Nautical

The skills acquired in over 25 years of activity, with the aim at the research and development of functional coating systems, brought us to the creation of highly technological solutions.
It is due to this experience that we chose to introduce a specific product line for the automotive and nautical sector. Nanobiotech offers an exclusive set of revolutionary formulates, which are able to nullify the most common issues with materials exposed to wear caused by extreme conditions or daily usage.
Latest generation technology able to provide high performances and aesthetic results that have no equals.
We made previously impossible processes and applications available to everyone.
Nanobiotech's production is based on the realisation of unique nanostructured coatings which bind at an atom-molecular level with the materials. Coatings specifically developed for the aeromobile, nautical and automotive sector for surfaces such as glass, varnishes, leather, textile, rubber, gelcoat, plastic, inox steal, metals, electric and electronic components.
Each and any of the proposed products is ecological, eco-friendly and unharmful for humans and the environment.

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