Plastic - Gelcoat - Polymers


Plastic doesn't last forever. Protect it!

Revolutionary protective system based on nanotechnology for Gelcoat, Corian, Plexiglass, Rubber, Varnished surfaces and Plastic.

150 years after the discover of celluloid, plastic, in her many types, has become an essential material for our daily life.
It is difficult to think of a life without plastic, from the common thootbrush, to the many car components, passing by modern yachts, up to the last generation medical prosthesis.
In the last years, an ever growing number of designers started developing their creations with plastic materials in mind.
With the growth of this sector, the necessity to safeguard the material followed.
For this purpose, we developed a product line specifically studied for plastic and its derivations.
Completely invisible formulations that bind at a molecular level with the surface substrate becoming an integrant part of it.
Solutions which are able to improve the chromatic aspect bringing back the original colour of coloured or varnished gelcoat without the need to re-varnish damaged parts.
All the treatments naturally bind to the surface, granting an exceptional protection form any type of decay.

Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • Suitable for all gelcoat, rubber, plastic and derivates surfaces.
  • Super Hydro-oleophobic effect
  • Invisible
  • Ecological, respects the environment
  • UV rays stable, does not create any superficial film
  • Excellent fluidity, easy and rapid cleaning
  • Significant reduction of cleaning cycles
  • Maximum protection against limestone, saline, polluting and atmospheric agents
  • Temperature variations stable (-35°C +450°- 900°C)
  • Long lasting
  • Abrasion resistent
  • Total breathability
  • Prevents the formation of ice and frost (fino a -3°C)
  • Excellent anti-scratch properties
  • Hydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • Ecological
  • Invisible
  • Easy to clean