Industrial pavings, Tunnel wall coatings, metallic surfaces, anti-graffiti coatings, gelcoat and plastic components, Bridges and Major infrastructures or only some of the vast possibilities of application for this special product line.

Nano-laquers are epoxy nanostructured compounds with a small coating film:

- NB LACKER M, transparent version, 12 µm;
- NB LACKER C, transparent version, 15 µm;
- NB LACKER colour, in all RAL scale variations, 200 µm;ù

The white version of NB LACKER colour is born from the necessity of coating the reinforced concrete walls of road tunnels in order to prevent the passage of exhaust gasses from vehicles to the steel infrastructure, this way safeguarding them from corrosion and also improving sibility and car safety.
Excellent for quartz pavings in the food industry.

In his transparent version it is perfectly suitable for the protection of metallic components from corrosion caused by atmospheric agents and saline.
Perfect solution for the coating of gelcoat and wood.

Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • For all concrete, metal and plastic surfaces.
  • High mechanical resistence
  • Total barrier against pollutants and graffitis.
  • Total barrier against CO-HC-NOx
  • Eco-friendly : does not contain biocides, lead, copper or metals.
  • Low thickness ( only 12 µm in his transparent version)
  • Significant reduction of the cleaning cycles.
  • Chemical detergents and high temperature resistent. (+280° C)
  • Hydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • Ecological
  • Invisible
  • Easy to clean