“Giant” performances from the “nano” world

Rain, saline and environmental pollution are the main causes of metal decay.

Water depositated on metal generates corrosion, as oxygen activates an anodic reaction which causes the decay.

In order to prevent corrosion and allow for an easy mantainance of surfaces, we developed a full line of highly technological professional products.
Formulates for the productions and mantainance of Inox steel, Chromed surfaces and metals in general.
Anti-fingerprint, anti-adhesion, anti-graffiti, anti-corrosion and easy to clean coatings for the safety of your metal surfaces.

Coatings aimed at reducing the difference in potential between different metals while in water or humid environment (electrolysis).

Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • All metal surfaces
  • Protection against corrosion caused by electrolysis
  • Invisible
  • Ecological and Eco-friendly.
  • UV ray and heat changes stable (-35°C +450° + 280° + 900°C)
  • Excellent fluidity. Fast and easy cleaning duties.
  • Significant reduction of cleaning cycles.
  • Easy application
  • Maximum protection against limestone, chemicals and pollutants.Long lasting.
  • Long lasting.
  • Hydrophobic
  • Ecological
  • Invisible
  • Easy to clean