With GRIPPING product line we propose solutions with the aim of rapidly, efficiently and economically solve slipping problems respecting safety laws.

This system has been developed to give antislip properties to on-site surfaces that are particularly slippery when wet or exposed to bad weather while outdoor or humidity if indoor.

Italian law establishes, in D.M. 236/89, DL 626/94 art. 33 comma 9 – art. 8.2.2
That for a surface to be anti-slip it is meant a surface composed of materials with an attrition coefficient, mesured with B.C.R.A (British Ceramic Research Association) method, superior to:

- 0,40 with “leather” slipping component on dry floor;
- 0,40 with “rubber” slipping component on wet floor;

Slippery problems on surfaces causes, each year, numerous accidents with often strong consequences for for the subjects responsible for safety.
Our method is mainly composed of 3 different treatments:

- Invisible anti-slip for gres, marble and klinker;
- Invisible anti-slip for ceramic, clay, granite and glazed surfaces;
- Transparent anti-slip for plastic, fiberglass, wood and metal.

In order to prevent injuries, anti-slip pavings are necessary.

GRIPPING is a revolutionary, innovative and highly advaced treatment.
Applications are performed by highly specialised professionals which underwent training and received a certificate at our headquearters.

The Nanobiotech anti-slip system is CMR - Center Materials Research certified, certified laboratory: ACCREDIA n. 1035. proof report N. 891-1-16.

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Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • Suitable for all mineral, plastic, wood and metal surfaces;
  • Invisible
  • Doesn't corrode the surface;
  • No changes in the appereance or touch of the original material;
  • Does not create any superficial film;
  • Alcalyn and acid restitent;
  • Long duration warranty;
  • CMR laboratory ACRREDIA certified;
  • Abrasion resistent;
  • Total breathability.
  • Hydrophobic
  • Antiscratch
  • Antislip
  • Ecological
  • Invisible