Italy's within us is shown in our urbanistic culture, in architecture, in figurative art and in literature.
Our national identity is built on the knowledge of being keepers of a cultural heritage with no equals.
In the 9th article of our consitution, a really particular one, it is told how: The (Italian) Republic promotes cultural, scientific and technical development. It safeguards the landscape, cultural and artistic heritage of our country.
Safeguard too must so be conceived not in a passive way, but instead in an active way, which means in relation with our citizens culture and with the decor of our artistic heritage in the urban context.
Environmental pollution and graffitis are nowadays a huge issue for our city's buildings and artifacts.
Writings and graffitis which devastate walls or public monuments negatively impact on certain urban zones and affect their safety.
Nanobiotech is active in the production of special systems which are used to preserve the artistic heritage for our and future generations.

Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • Suitable for all indoor and outdoor absorbent mineral surfaces;
  • Suitable for all metal and plastic surfaces;
  • Invisible barrier against pollutants and graffitis;
  • Prevents water stagnation inside the pore and the formation of fungus, algae, mould and bacterial colonies.
  • Ecological, non-toxic, respects the environment;
  • UV rays stable;
  • Does not create any superficial film nor it modifies the original appereance of the materials;
  • Significant reduction of cleaning cycles;
  • Easy to use;
  • Temperature variation stable (-35°C +450°C)
  • Antigraffiti
  • Hydrophobic
  • Ecological
  • Invisible
  • Easy to clean