Man has known glass since ancient times. Nature first gave it to us and then we learnt how to produce and transform it into a material that has many uses: isolating glasses, highly resistent glasses, bio-glasses.
The numerous applications make glass an interesting material that allows for it to be ingenerized: Nanobiotech technology is aimed at introducing brand new characteristics and functions by creating nanostructures able to give new feautures.
We own specifically studied solutions to increase energetic efficiency of solar glasses while significantly decreasing mantainance and cleaning costs.
We developed a system which is able to provide hydro-oleophobic, easy to clean, anti-ice, self cleaning, anti-adhesion and anti-dust properties to the surface.
Coatings with anti-pollutants and air depuring properties.
The coating acts by depositating nanoparticles inside the pore which interact creating a low tension field, composed of bi-tridimensional reticulations that repel pollutants particles and reduce the adhesion coefficient of hydrosoluble deposits.
Abbiamo sviluppato sistemi in grado conferire proprietà idro-oleofobiche, easy to clean, antighiaccio, autopulenti, antiadesione e antipolvere.
An high surface tension can be compared to a magnet that attracts matter to itself, on the contrary, a low surface tension acts by repelling it.
This new function has the ability to activate an exceptional repulsive force (comparable to two poles of the same sign, that instead of getting attracted repel each other) that will prevent dirt and pollution to fixate on the surface.
We transform surface and contribute to improve the environment we live in.

Advantages of Nanobiotech treatment

  • Suitable for all cristal and glass surfaces
  • Super hydro-phobic effect
  • Invisible
  • Ecological, respect the environment
  • UV rays stable, does not create any superficial film.
  • Excellent fluidity, easy to clean
  • Significant reduction of cleaning cycles
  • Maximum protection against limestone, saline, chemical and polluting agents
  • Temperature variation stable (-35°C +450°C)
  • Long Lasting
  • Abrasion resistent
  • Total breathability
  • Increases visibility/transparency
  • Prevents the formation of ice and frost (up to -3°C)
  • Hydrophobic
  • Ecological
  • Invisible
  • Easy to clean